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MindBody Optimizer Newsletter

Complimentary subscription for first year; $99 annual subscription thereafter.

Three to six times per year you will receive via email breakthrough tips and ideas that will help optimize your mind-body wellness for peak health and personal performance. This will give you the leverage to heal from illness, reduce stress, improve athletic or personal performance, and even succeed in your career or business venture. You'll be better equipped to handle life's challenges and opportunities by understanding and applying the latest discoveries in mind-body research and quantum physics, as well as ancient esoteric principles that are just now being validated by today's scientists.

MindBody Optimizer

The MindBody Optimizer is unlike any newsletter you've received in the past. The producer of this newsletter, Joseph Giove is a Biomedical Engineer and Clinical Hypnotist, who has helped people for over 15 years lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives with a unique blend of leading edge science, new understandings of our neurobiology and sage advice on the more subtle matters of the mind and spirit. This is not magic, new age or miracles. The latest understanding of how the mind and body interact to achieve recovery from illness as well as unflappable health and performance is rooted in a new paradigm in science that finally recognizes an indelible link between intelligence and matter... all matter.

In fact, there is no such thing as a "mind-body" connection, surprising as this may seem. There is no "connection" because these are not two separate things in the first place. Mind and body are two sides of the same inseparable coin. Mind and body are mutually embedded in one another. Ignorance of this fundamental fact is the primary cause of disease and discontent. In the pages of The MindBody Optimizer you will finally understand and learn how to apply yourself in the proper way to achieve peak wellness and performance in any area of your life.

A human being is the most advanced technology on the planet. Every one of us alive today is the culmination of a long genetic chain that began with the first spark of life. We each have eons of survival and thriving successes embedded in our genetic code. What we call "humanness" is an amazing capacity to churn thoughts, ideas, fears, pains, joys and desires with a hundred trillion cells and create a life! When you have doubts or are sad, or are excited and happy, these emotions have real-time physiological correlates that are inseparable from the feelings themselves, and must be considered holistically when healing or fine tuning your body-mind dynamic. Science has made mental distinctions in these areas for the purpose of studying them, but unfortunately it has also forgotten that they are really one, undivided, functioning "thing," in other words a human being. When considering your life in terms of changing where or what you are now, and into what or who you want to be, this must be remembered explicitly. Practical advise in these areas is the purpose of The MindBody Optimizer.

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